The #OFE2021 Pre-conference Webinar Series

In May 2021, the On-Farm Experimentation Community organised the #OFE2021 Webinar Series, free and open to all, that discussed a range of key topics prepared by the Conference Organising Committee together with dedicated working groups.

Top: Dr Myrtille Lacoste, Dr Matthew McNee, Dr Nicolas Tremblay, Dr Osana Bonilla-Findji, A/Prof Louis Longchamps, Ms Claire Rhodes, Dr Anton Eitzinger, Prof Richard Tiffin, Dr Simone Van der Burg
Bottom: Dr Isabelle Piot-Lepetit, Prof Simon Cook, Dr Zelalem Lema, Dr Stephane Lemarié, Dr Véronique Bellon-Maurel, Dr Takashi Tanaka, Dr Medha Devare, Prof Leanne Wiseman, Dr Helen Hambly Odame, Dr Roger Sylvester-Bradley


The recordings are available below:

The first webinar titled Value creation addressed how creating value is essential to OFE success to ensure a self-sustaining process of change. 

The second webinar on People and processes dealt with the social organisation of OFE and how to ensure that digitally-enabled On-Farm Experimentation avoids the classic “Technology Fallacy,” and instead centres transformation around people.

The third webinar focused on Data and analytics, specifically how to organize and curate data and metadata for the purpose of rethinking the planning and analysis of on-farm experiments with farmers’ interests in mind, as farmer-centric experimentation has great potential to improve the design and adoption of better farm management practices.

The last webinar on Policy linkages investigated how policies, legislation and investments can support an efficient long-term transformation that engages farmers and others around collaborative research and innovation.

These webinars were organised by the #OFE2021 Organising Committee, the ISPA OFE-C (On-Farm Experimentation Community of the International Society of Precision Agriculture) and the INRAE-#DigitAg with the support of OECD's Co-operative Research Programme: Sustainable Agricultural and Food Systems, Agropolis Foundation, #DigitAg, the Région Occitanie, Montpellier University of Excellence, Occitanum, Agreenium, RMT Modelia and RMT NAEXUS INRAE (départements MathNum & AgroEcosystem).