The virtual Issue in ASD

A Virtual Issue of Agronomy for Sustainable Development has been dedicated to “Farmer- Centric On-Farm Experimentation: Digital Tools for a Scalable Transformative Pathway”.

Agronomy for Sustainable Development (ASD) is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes original experimental, empirical and theoretical research articles, review articles and meta-analyses leading to enhanced sustainability for agricultural and food systems. See the full aims and scope of ASD here.

The Virtual Issue will focus on recent advances relative to OFE and associated data management issues:

  • Data management applied to large scale participative OFE
  • Data science for heterogeneous agronomic data
  • Organisational issues related to innovation ecosystems to support OFE
  • Value creation and sharing in OFE
  • Lessons learnt from successful/failing OFE (with or without digital tools)
  • Institutional issues related to the new role of farmers in relation to research in OFE
  • Public policies to support OFE


As of February 2023, the following publications have been published, open access except (*)

Toffolini & Jeuffroy (2022) On-Farm Experimentation practices and associated farmer-researcher relationships: a systematic literature review

Bénézet et al. (2022) Use of videos to characterize farmers’ knowledge of tillage with horses and share it to promote agroecological innovations in French vineyards

*Bramley et al. (2022) Did someone say “farmer-centric”? Digital tools for spatially distributed on-farm experimentation

Song et al. (2022) Factors influencing intention to apply spatial approaches to on-farm experimentation: insights from the Australian winegrape sector

Laurent et al. (2022) A yield comparison between small-plot and on-farm foliar fungicide trials in soybean and maize

• Additional papers are currently under review.