Congratulations to the e-presentation/papers winners! The awardees are:

  • Best conference e-presentation, Session 1A - #OFE2021 Audience Award: Case study: Innovative Farmers, lessons from 10 years championing farmer-led on-farm research in the UK, H. Aldis et al., Soil Association - UK (OFE52)
  • Best conference e-presentation, Session 1B - #OFE2021 Audience Award: From Data to Decisions: Facilitating Transformational Learning through the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network Thompson et al, Univ. of Nebraska- USA (OFE49)
  • Best conference e-presentation, Session 2 - #OFE2021 Audience Award: Using digital maps to build research questions relevant to Falkland Islands farmers. M. McNee, A. Bendall, S. Carter, J. McAdam, S. Radic, M. Lacoste, S. Cook (OFE90)
  • Best conference e-presentation, Session 3 - #OFE2021 Audience Award (2 awardees):

    Increasing the speed and uptake of innovation in the field vegetable and potato sectors : defining a new approach for delivering cost effective research. L. Sagoo - UK, E. Ampe - Belgium, J.P. Cohan - France, E. van Esbroeck – The Netherlands, S. Roques - UK, S. Bossuyt - Belgium, K. Beauchene - France), A. Fournier - France, F. Degan - France (OFE30)
    The Impact of Harvest Alignment on Economic Results in On-Farm Experiment Data. T. Mieno, D. Bullock - USA (OFE17)

The awarded E-presentations will be featured prominently online and shared broadly by the conference partners.

  • Best conference paper, 1st place #OFE2021 Scientific Committee Award: Participatory experimentation at CETA35 N. Trubert, JF. Garnier, A. Macquet (CETA 35, France) (OFE40)
  • Best conference paper, 2nd place #OFE2021 Scientific Committee Award: Case study: Innovative Farmers, lessons from 10 years championing farmer-led on-farm research in the UK A. AllamandH. Aldis, D. Iles, R. Swinn (Soil Association, UK) (OFE52)
  • Best conference paper, 3rd place #OFE2021 Scientific Committee Award: Relationships between the various practices related to OFE, the methodological issues raised, and the farmers-researchers relationships constructed : a literature review. Q. Toffolini & M.H. Jeuffroy (INRAE, France) (OFE64)

Special mentions:

  • Fields: Ohio State University’s On-Farm Research Program. E. M. Hawkins, J. P. Fulton, J. M. Hartschuh, S. G. Custer, S A. Shearer (The Ohio State University, USA) (OFE60)
  • Locally supporting the introduction of diversifying crops into cropping systems benefits from both innovative design and open innovation approaches. M. Leclère (INRAE, France), C. Loyce (AgroParisTech, France), M.H. Jeuffroy (INRAE, France) (OFE38)

The awarded papers will include financial contributions to support the open access publication of a full-length article in the Conference Special Issue ASD.