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Proceedings #OFE2021

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We are glad to announce the open access publication of the Proceedings of the First International Conference on Farmer-centric On-Farm Experimentation - Digital tools for a Scalable Transformative Pathway

This conference was organised by INRAE-#DigitAg and the ISPA OFE-C (International Society of Precision Agriculture, On-Farm Experimentation Community). #OFE2021 was conducted in a hybrid format from October 13th to 15th in Montpellier (including one day dedicated to a workshop to develop policy propositions) and was preceded by a round of four webinars in May 2021 on four major themes for OFE:

People and processes
Value creation
Data and analytics
Policy linkages

Most of the 180 participants (40 people in Montpellier and 140 on-line) were researchers but also representatives from farmers’ associations, start-ups, NGOs, and policy makers. The conference achieved widespread geographical representation with 36 countries (54% from Europe, 16% from North America, 8% from South America, 8% from Asia, 8% from Africa and 6% from Oceania).

The conference was structured around invited speakers addressing the 4 above-mentioned themes as well as 4-minutes videos/presentations, made available online (as an alternative to traditional posters), with a selection also presented during plenaries. A total of 80 submissions were selected (30 papers and 50 short presentations) that showcased OFE activities and projects worldwide). This material, additional to that of invited speakers, demonstrated the existence of a very rich and diversified scientific production. The three best conference papers were awarded by the Scientific Committee.

The present Proceedings were built in an original multimedia format, which gathers all the contributions that have been produced for the conference: pre-conference webinars, contributions of the invited speakers and of researchers who answered the call for papers and videos.

These #OFE2021 Proceedings gather a total of 190 items: 64 papers, 63 video presentations and 63 short video presentations (15 and 4 minutes, respectively, all available on a dedicated YouTube channel). Specific outcomes also include a manifesto for OFE, guidelines for data analytics and policy recommendations to support OFE. A virtual special issue of the Agronomy for Sustainable Development journal is also being produced as a spin-off.

Last, but not least, the organization warmly thanks the Co-operative Research Programme (CRP): Sustainable Agricultural and Food Systems of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Agropolis Foundation, #DigitAg, the Occitanie Region, Montpellier University of Excellence (MAK’IT), Occitanum, Agreenium, RMT Modelia and RMT NAEXUS, INRAE (MathNum & AgroEcosystem Departments) for their financial support to the conference.

The OFE2021 co-convenors,
Véronique Bellon-Maurel
Nicolas Tremblay
Simon Cook




Individual contributions: Authors, A. (2022) Title of paper or e-presentation. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Farmer-centric On-Farm Experimentation (#OFE2021), Montpellier, 12-15 Oct 2021, pp. XX-XX, DOI:10.17180/NP12-JB28

The Proceedings: Bellon-Maurel V., Tremblay N., Cook S., Lacoste M., Taylor J. et al. (2022) Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Farmer-centric On-Farm Experimentation (#OFE2021) - “Digital tools for a scalable transformative pathway”, INRAE, ISPA OFE-C, OCDE-CRP, Montpellier, 12-15 Oct 2021, 464 pp. DOI:10.17180/NP12-JB28